Elsa Joy

Welcome to the world our sweet girl!!!! 
You were due March 23rd, mama had a C-section scheduled for March 18th + you made a very unexpected (yet so welcomed) appearance on February 22nd, 2014.  You were 4 weeks + 1 day early. To say I was surprised when my water broke early that Saturday morning would be putting it mildly.  On paper, we were not ready for you, but in our hearts we couldn't have been more excited to meet you.  As the medical team rushed about to get you out via an emergency C-section your father leaned over to ask me if I could feel all the joy in the room.  I could.  And so my beautiful Elsa, that is how you got your middle name, by bringing immeasurable joy to us that cold, winter, February morning.
We love you so much + look forward to everyday spent with you. 


Elsa's Nursery Art

Lately, I have been getting ready for Elsa's arrival which is SIX weeks from today!!!  This is also the reason I have been pretty non-existent from the blog-o-sphere.  What I have been up to however, is making Elsa some new artwork for her nursery, which I will call a huge accomplishment!  I would love for you to see what I have designing.  I hope you enjoy my work & feel free to comment.  You can also follow on Instagram, where I post a lot more often! Thanks for stopping by.

Available for purchase on Society6

Available for purchase on Etsy


Men's Holiday Wish List

If you have a special man in your life take a look at this gift guide I created of quirky, fun presents to give to your husband/brother/dad/uncle/cousin/son. 

1. Coat 2. Belt 3. Scarf 4. Tape Measure 
I hope this finds you in the holiday spirit, if not this might help:



Eugene Turns One

 This little love bug celebrates his FIRST birthday today.  Eugene has brought unending joy to our lives + we are so thankful to call him ours.
While my parents were down for Thanksgiving we threw Eugene a little Birthday celebration.  We sang to him, gave him some new pajamas + let him go crazy on his own chocolate cupcake.  I would say that was the highlight of his first year! However, next time, we're going with vanilla. Ha.
We love you to the moon + back Eugene Robert!


Oh Darling, Let's Be Adventurers

We happened to catch a perfect fall day yesterday.  The sun was shining brightly, the trees were still holding on to bits of color + the temperatures were tolerable enough to frolic in outside.  After taking a drive through the country + fueling up on some Intelligentsia coffee it was inevitable that my camera would find its way to my hands.  We went for a hike in a great southern Wisconsin park where I immediately starting taking pictures.  We unintentionally matched the scenery + also unintentionally matched each other. I wait all year for this season to return + 2013 did not disappoint me. 
When the bleak of winter starts to wear on me I will have to find these pictures + revel in them to remind myself that color will once again reign as king.  The forest was full of vivid shades of yellow-orange leaves, back lit with endless sunshine glowing through the trees upon which they were resting. It was breathtaking. 
Eugene had so much fun playing in the crunchy leaves + then attempting to eat them when we weren't looking.  I am quite certain he would have stayed all day if we would have let him.  
I hope you have gotten the chance to be out in nature to enjoy this lovely season.  I am going to try to hold on to autumn as long as I can.  The holidays will be upon us shortly, we will find ourselves ringing in the new year + before long there will be another baby joining this little family. There is so much to be grateful for!