Autumn Fun: Leaf Art Project for Kids and Adults

It's that time of year again...YAHOOOO! The leaves are turning colors and are beginning to fall from the trees.  Why not grab a few of them next time you are outside for this fun sensory project?  You can go also on a nature hike to gather leaves/weeds which is what we did.  Leaf art can not be any easier to do with your wee ones.  Eugene dipped the leaves in paint and went crazy.  We leaf-stamped, used the weeds as a paint brush and got messy with the paint.  The point of this project is to use different textures to create a design and introduce your child to using nature as a tool.  The end results are always awesome.  I ended up framing Eugene's work and he is so proud of himself! Enjoy 


3-D Hanging Bird Project for Children

Hi friends! I have another fun and simple project that you can do with your kids. These will be sure to brighten your child's day and your house.  Enjoy!

To assemble birds start by cutting out various bird shapes using any cardboard type of material (we used a cereal box).  Paint both sides a fun color and let birds dry.  Poke a small hole in the middle of the bird and insert feathers on each side. We added sequins for the eyes and then hung them using lace and washi tape.  Eugene is loving pointing to them and saying "birdie".  Another fun project would be to make a bunch of trees that could house your birds.  The possibilities are endless!


Paper Bag Owl Craft Project for Children

This is a pretty self-explanatory activity to do with your littles.  It turned out really cute and was easy enough that Eugene, who is 22 months old, was able to help.  I started by tearing two holes where the eyes would go and tearing the wings out from some scrap paper.  Eugene and I used a glue stick to attach the wings.  I let him go crazy with the pink paint (acrylic...gasp! It's not washable but we were careful, sort of).  I let Eugene scribble all over the owl and I added the details using a black Sharpie.  Any number of materials can be used, including kid-friendly ones.  You could get über creative and add sparkle, sequins, feathers etc...


The Ultimate 10 Minute Hummus

I know what you are thinking. You have made homemade hummus before and it always turns out grainy. Or hummus tastes better store bought. Nonsense!! Not only is this recipe super easy and fast (10 minutes, tops) it turns out rich and velvety. How, you ask? The microwave! Nuking the undrained chickpeas with their skins on and with the garlic cloves makes for an amazing hummus. You will want this in your party repertoire to impress all your people! I am not kidding. Enjoy!

***If you have extra time and want to bring this hummus up to an eleven, take a square of aluminum foil, throw some olive oil and 4 cloves of garlic inside it, fold it into a ball and proceed to roast in the oven for 45 minutes on 375. Add this roasted garlic to the hummus instead. Or you could add roasted red peppers, Greek olives, cilantro or roasted jalapenos to the hummus.