Life Through Instagram

I am sure you have all heard of Instagram.  I love Instagram, which is kind of like Facebook, but with simply pictures.  I am a photographer, so that makes sense.  If you are a part of this community, pop on over there & follow me @hlynnmcdonald!! Here are some Insties (Instagram pics) of my life lately.  

Josh, my husband, & I decided we would take a Friday afternoon adventure last week.  He had gotten off of work early so we loaded up the car with Eugene, our little boy, Cali, our Jack Russell, coffees, my DLSR & a sense of adventure & headed west.  You can go wrong when you head west, right?  The first town we went to had a historic downtown, supposedly.  It wasn't much to write home about so we continued on.  The lighting was perfect as the sun began to set so I snapped some dreamy Wisconsin farm Insties.  

Wisconsin is notorious for having hidden little gems scattered all about the countryside, which is exactly why we left our house without any plan in mind.  We found this place, The Chalet, in good old Sugar Creek, WI. It was charming to say the least.  There was a cozy fireplace going, Brandy Old Fashioned's were being passed about & there even was an oyster bar...in Wisconsin.  We did not feel brave enough to try oysters in this land-locked state.  However, we really wanted to try the in-house aged steak & crab legs Valentine's dinner.  In the end, we went the cheaper route & got the fish fry, an essential on a Friday night.  It was pretty good, but not great.  Next time, we'll save up our pennies & get the steak! 

We ended up at Wilmot Mountain.  Let's be honest, it is not a mountain, but you can ski or snowboard here...down some nice hills.  There is a very Swiss-themed lodge to sip hot cocoa in while sitting in front of a large fireplace.  Since I don't ski or snowboard, well, & we had little Eugene with us, we opted for the fireplace option.  We watched what had to be all of the surrounding town's teens go down the hills & off the jumps while simultaneously & ferociously flirting.  It was such a fun night!!

I have also been busy creating!  This is my balance, my therapy, my love.  I have been doing a lot of patterns lately, as you can see.  I even branched out into some Native American & Moroccan-esque art.  These designs look awesome when made into greeting cards, iphone cases, throw pillows, framed prints & canvases!! This creating keeps me sane.  Feel free to also visit my Etsy shop!

Most importantly, I have been trying to dig a deeper inner well.  I have been intentionally filling up my internal world with scripture, prayer, sermons & of course images of God's beauty.  This church, Door of Hope, has started a new sermon series called Labor of Love.  I would like to borrow this phrase & call my quest for a deeper inner well a labor of love.  We must, after all, have full cisterns to be of any use to those whom we love & the people we meet. 



  1. I was there!! ...and indeed it was an adventure! Agreed--steak next time, my love.

  2. Love the idea of LABOR OF LOVE. Knowing that you went through labor having little E tells me that you know what LABOR OF LOVE means. Thanks for the inspiration!!! Love ya, dad McD