Our DIY Wedding


DIY White and Yellow Pom-Pom Garland:
Supplies: White string, hot glue gun & glue, favorite colored poms.
Take white sting and attach the poms evenly with hot glue, alternating colors.  Hang & enjoy!

DIY Paper Circle Garland:
Supplies: Fun paper (magazines, old novels, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper), string, hole-puncher.
Make circles out of paper; punch 2 holes on tops, string circles evenly.  Hang & enjoy!

DIY Invitations:
Supplies: Card stock, bird punch, edge punch, silver thread, computer, RSVP template, glue stick.
Print invitation information on cardstock for RSVP cards and wedding invites.  Punch edges to give them a classy, professional look (I used Martha Steward brand for edges and the birds). Punch out 2 birds on invites.  Wrap thread around top of invites.  Add a fun scrapbook paper under part of the birds using a glue stick.  I made postal stamps using my artwork (bird-themed) at Zazzle.com, easy & affordable.

DIY Happy Tears Table:
Supplies: Old table, old picture frame, paper, hankies, sweet little bin, spray paint.
Find an old table, sand it down and spray paint it a color you like (I used robin’s egg blue).  Make a sign that says, “Happy Tears, Please Take One” and frame it.  Arranged old and new hankies in a bin you enjoy and place on table for guests to use during the ceremony.

DIY Bridesmaid Flowers & Groomsmen Boutonnières:
Supplies: Sturdy sticks, white spray paint, tissue paper, hot glue, string, yarn.
Spray paint sticks white & allow to dry. Take 4 various sized & colored tissue paper squares; (I used teal and light aqua) bunch & twist to form a flower & glue in place.  Take yarn (I used goldenrod) and separate until fuzzy wool is left.  Take a bit of wool and glue in center of flower. Glue flowers to branches.  Assemble branches into a bunch and tie with twine or string. To make for groomsmen repeat only on a much smaller scale.  Attach to suits using a decorative push pin.

DIY Bouquet:
Supplies:  Fresh flowers, flexible wire, satin ribbon, antique broach, decorative push pins.
Arrange fresh flowers (I used all white flowers) and secure with wire.  Hide wire by wrapping the stems with satin ribbon (I used a teal ribbon).  Pin on antique broach in center & push pins at top/bottom.

DIY Treats Table:
Supplies:  Old-fashioned or favorite candy & treats, vintage bowls, decorative take-away bags, cloth.
Collect candy & treats (I made white/dark chocolate covered apples) & arrange it neatly in fun, vintage decorative dishes.  Cover table with a vibrant cloth. Have guests take away candy using fun bags. If you desire, make a fun sign to hang above table (mine said, ‘sweets’ & I used leftover paper & glue).

DIY Whimsical Signs:
Supplies: Old wood (both flat & in stick form), paint, wood glue.
Paint a white background almost to edges on flat wood.  When dry, add letters (J + H) or words (Wedding with an arrow or Just Married or Mr. & Mrs.) using a bright color (I used teal).  Glue stick to sign with wood glue & allow it to dry. Dig hole & secure in ground or nail signs to trees.


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  1. DIY HAPPINESS: one josh, one heather; add Cali and stir for 70 years! Xoxo!