Heat Wave In Wisco

Hello from Wisconsin, where it is so hot I can't even breathe if I step outside.  Who's with me in wishing for autumn?  Summer really takes a lot out of me physically so anytime the temperatures want to dip back into the 80's or 70's that would be great! I would even take 60's, gladly.  Anyway, I took some photos of the babe a few days ago & thought I would share them with you. Little Eugene is 7.5 months old already.  What a little gent. Hope today is a good one!



DIY Ombré Woven Flower Pot

 Good morning, all!  I hope you had an enjoyable, warm, festive 4th of July. We headed to Lake Michigan as soon as Josh got done with work to watch the waves & let Eugene play in the sand.  We had a quiet night of grilling out, baths & watching Justified. Today I am sharing a very easy, inexpensive DIY with you:
A colorful ombré flower pot for less than $10. 
-Woven basket (mine was $2.00 at a thrift store)
-White & blue acrylic paint (or any color you like)
-Paint brush
-Potted plant
1. Start by cleaning the basket to rid it of dust/dirt. 
2. Then apply 2 coats of white paint, letting the first coat dry completely.  I used Martha Stewart Acrylic Satin paint which cost about $2.00 per bottle.  I got the paint at Michaels, but most craft stores carry it.  I have found this paint to work the best & last the longest.  
3. While the last coat of white is drying, start painting the bottom of the pot with the colored paint. 
4. Next, start working your way up the bottom half of the pot with the colored paint. Add more pigment at the base of the bottom & less as you go toward the top to create the ombré effect. I used a dark blue color which you can see turned a nice light blue as the white & blue blended.  You can get as creative as you want.  You can also simple paint the woven pot one color.  I like how the paint brings out the detail of the weaving.
5. Put up in your place & enjoy! Or give it away as a housewarming gift!


Quiet Afternoons

Good afternoon.  Hoping this finds you all well! This is what happens when we have a busy month of visiting friends & family, our sweet baby Eugene slept for 13 hours last night & most of today! Happy 7 months, little champ.  Thanks for letting your mama make art today.