Super Easy Apple Bread

Hello, world.  Did you go to the apple orchard yet this season?  Are you having a hard time coming up with yet another apple recipe?  Are you sick of apple crisp? I did, I was and I am.  So, I made some apple bread that is so easy a kid could do it.  And then I let my almost two year old practically do all of the work.  He had blast.  I even had a mini bread pan (shown in pic) so Eugene could have his own loaf.  This is one of those awesome dump all the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients, add the apples and almonds, stir and bake kind of recipes adapted from here.  In this recipe, I used all white flour, used applesauce instead of apple butter and used brown sugar-glazed almonds.  It is so soft and so, so good!  Enjoy!


Bat and Owl Buddies: Printable Tracing Templates

Greetings friends! There is nothing too spooktacular (sorry!) about the owl and bat that Eugene and I created one rainy afternoon.  However, I like them because it is a good reminder of how simple materials such as paper, glue, scissors and sequins can come together to result in an awesome, fun project.  Not very crafty?  Not to worry, here are free printable bat and owl templates you can trace to make this project even easier.  Cut a bunch of these guys out and make Halloween garland to hang around your home.  Enjoy and have fun getting creative, friends!