A brisk afternoon envelops me as I listen to lively songs by, The Hot Club of San Francisco: http://www.hcsf.com/ and the lovely, Alex Pangman: http://www.alexpangman.com/. Wisconsin is not good at making up its mind when it comes to weather, especially near the end of March.  Sunny and warm one day with outdoor patio dining, snowy and frigid the next.  If you live in the midwest, you understand the frustration of living in the midwest.  The cold attempts to hang on as long as possible after winter.  Conversely, the warmth of summer ebbs its way into autumn without hesitation.  Either way, as annoying as this teeter tottering may be, I have fully come to appreciate having all four seasons at my fingertips.  

I have thrown all responsibilities to the wind for the day, virtually impossible for me in this season of my life.  I have traded in art therapy grad classes for taking crisp photographs of treaures in my apartment with growing anticipation of editing them (see photos).  Instead of interning at the hospital, I am making homemade granola.  A glorious day off of work from the group home inspires me to create a blog, which I hope to be of interest for at least one person (you).  I haven't changed out of my pajamas and the only reason I would now is to go take in an afternoon film alone.  I am catching up on reading books I have dug out from under piles of required texts. I drink coffee far too late in the day.  Lately, it seems I have forgetten how to just be.  As soon as I rest my soul, I am reminded of the importance of Sabbath.  So today, with intention, I focus on simply being.  How renewing it feels to slow down my rhthym.  How much I need to learn how to lean on Grace.  How I miss my one true love.  How I long to be in a summer field of sweet wildflowers.  Until then I dream, until then I create.


  1. good stuff my love, especially the end. No surprise that you would make a blog that is mostly pictures! I love it, it's the blog version of an art journal. Want to dance with you in Times Square to old timey jazz....love you