A Heart Full of Art

If you have been wondering what I have been up to lately, other than consuming mass quantities of turkey & all the fixings, I have been trying to promote my artistic gifting by embarking on many creative endeavours.  My husband, Josh, & I have been upcycling (re-purposing) furniture that we've been finding on our town's inhabitant's curbs.  Josh does the more 'manly' parts of the process- sanding, fixing & rebuilding.  I get to do the more artistic side of things- chose paint colors, paint, find decorative nobs/pulls/handles & plan out all the design elements.  We are quite the match!  This has been a favorite pastime of ours- up next, we attempt to make a side table made out of an old tree stump.  Josh suggested we name this 'business' of ours, so on a drive home from Kansas City we brainstormed & came up with name, Last Evening Lark.  What do you think?  I love it! 

I have been so inspired lately & have been trying to channel that energy into something marketable (or at the very least helpful/inspiring).  So, when my sister-in-law, Marta, asked me to do a photo shoot of her adorable, growing family, I knew this was a chance to be creative & get my artistic hands dirty, once again.  We loaded up their van with the family, a camera & much cheer.  We went to an adorable tree farm as a backdrop for the shoot.  One small problem, it had finally gotten cold in Kansas & we were freezing!  That didn't stop us; on we went & at one point sweet little Adelaide wanted to take off her coat & run through rows of tiny, future Christmas trees.  It was the perfect opportunity for me to snap away, trying to get the ideal photograph.  She is so photogenic & beautiful, it wasn't too hard for me to succeed!  Here are a few of the results from that magical, frigid day.

Last Evening Lark (my new stage name) photo shoot, with my dear husband's family!

Photographs by: Last Evening Lark

Photographs by: Last Evening Lark

I have also been finding all sorts of fun online.  A cute shop I found out in CA, with an online catalog, is this whimsical shoppe, Henry Road.  It is a good one to make a Christmas wish list from!  You might know of this already but you can subscribe to magazines online for free! Check out the addicting site, Issuu.  You can view magazines such as this amazing copy of Anthology which happens to feature a favorite Swedish textile designer, mother & artist of mine, Lotta Jansdotter!!!  <---- Be sure to check her out...she is a.m.a.z.i.n.g.  In the online mag, she visits the lovely city of Stockholm & of course, shares neat finds along the way.  Here is an example of the gorgeous online magazine. 

From online Anthology Magazine issue #5
Photograph by: Giao Trac

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  1. Love this Sissy! You are so talented!!!

    Say, how do you get all the photos to look so nice in your layout, and multiple ones at that. I don't know how to do that on my blog. Teach me! :)