A Musik Monday

You might just want to give these lovelies a listen on this rainy, slow sort of a Monday.  The 3 ladies that make up this band have amazing voices.  Sign up for their mailings & get 2 free MP3 downloads! 
They go by the name, The Staves & they are dreamy yummy. 

Or perhaps this gem of a lady who recorded this song, "Steal His Heart' in the girls' bathroom in the lovely Edinburgh, Scotland (Yay Scotland!!!!  Josh's family is Scottish).  This Emily & The Woods is brilliant.

If you want something in a minor key, only instrumental & with some beautiful cello-ings (not to mention a gorgeous painting to look at) try this band, Hungry Ghosts & you will love this song called 'I don't think of you anymore, but I don't think of you anyless'.  Just because there are not words, do not be fooled, this song will move you.

And one more for the road that you are on today, friend, an old favorite of mine by the lovey, talented Brooke Fraiser.  Try this song ' Soon and Very Soon' to bid you farewell. 

xoxo, heather.

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