A Wedding That Keeps On Giving

I hope this finds you warm & well & that your holiday was full of laughter & good cheer.  My husband & I were blessed to get to sneak away for a road trip to the great, but cold state of Wisconsin to see our family & friends for our first Christmas together as husband & wife.  It was wonderful, refreshing & just what we needed to warm our hearts this December.

Speaking of marital bliss, we are excited to announce that our lovely October 8th, 2011 wedding is featured today on Project Wedding's blog, One Lovely Day.  Grab a warm beverage & pop on over to this wedding blog to read about Josh & I or to marvel at Paper Antler's wonderful photography of our day.  Here is a small taste of their talent with the photographs below.



A Musik Monday

You might just want to give these lovelies a listen on this rainy, slow sort of a Monday.  The 3 ladies that make up this band have amazing voices.  Sign up for their mailings & get 2 free MP3 downloads! 
They go by the name, The Staves & they are dreamy yummy. 

Or perhaps this gem of a lady who recorded this song, "Steal His Heart' in the girls' bathroom in the lovely Edinburgh, Scotland (Yay Scotland!!!!  Josh's family is Scottish).  This Emily & The Woods is brilliant.

If you want something in a minor key, only instrumental & with some beautiful cello-ings (not to mention a gorgeous painting to look at) try this band, Hungry Ghosts & you will love this song called 'I don't think of you anymore, but I don't think of you anyless'.  Just because there are not words, do not be fooled, this song will move you.

And one more for the road that you are on today, friend, an old favorite of mine by the lovey, talented Brooke Fraiser.  Try this song ' Soon and Very Soon' to bid you farewell. 

xoxo, heather.


Snow Gently Falls

Wherever this may find you & yours,
I hope that it is the merriest & that you are getting into the spirit of this
Christmas & holiday season.
May your day be bright & festive, friend.



Social Action + Marriage

Are you getting married in 2012 or know someone who is?  Please consider these amazing photographers, Paper Antler, to shoot your wedding.  Then run out & tell all your friends about the Fifty Nifty!  Paper Antler, 2 hip & wonderfully talented wedding photographers who also happen to be husband & wife, are soon setting out to embark on shooting 50 weddings in 50 states.  From these weddings they hope to donate $50,000 to She Dances, an anti-trafficking non-profit organization.  Each wedding they shoot, they will donate $1,000 so the more weddings they book in 2012, the more money will be donated to this awesome cause.  They need your help- they still have some dates open in 2012 around these glorious United States.  Help me to spread the word!  Jonny & Michelle shot our wedding in October & did such an amazing job!  Learn more about this project of theirs or follow their year-long journey here!

Photo by Paper Antler

You're invited!!!


Owl & Howl

I came across an adorable free printable 2012 owl calendar that you can make for your home or office or as an adorable Christmas gift.  It is from My Owl Barn & there is absolutely no catch.  You get to design your own mini-calendar that's sure to be a hit.  The best part, it's easy as 1, 2, 3!  Hoo knew?

Step 1:  Click here.
Step 2:  Choose 12 whimsical designs, 1 for each month, & download.
Step 3:  Print & assemble. . .then enjoy!

My Owl Barn's pre-selected calendar 


My Nature

I love to be outside & especially when I have my camera in hand.  I was overly inspired the other brisk day here in Kansas so I grabbed Cali, my pup, my Canon with the larger lens, my stocking cap & some winter-like cheer.  I walked slowly & aimlessly, aimless only in the sense of oncoming cars & people, as I was captivated by just about everything.  It was one of those magical photo shoots- as they are not all this way!  My heart pounded as my fingers started to freeze.  I was in a race against the falling temperatures & the setting sun.  My dog was getting irritated at her very short leash, necessary so I could hold the camera (sort of) steady, long enough to get the shot. 

I was getting the feeling my neighbors thought I needed to be carefully observed with such a long lens- I did look a tad suspicious aiming the lens at stranger's windows.  This didn't stop me. . .it rarely does.  I remember one winter back in Milwaukee when I had stopped in my truck to snap a shot of a glorious, picturesque, winterized street & the owner of a house nearby followed me to my own house in his car where he sat, parking me in & waiting for me to emerge.  I was a little freaked so I stalled my exit- feeling less vulnerable on the inside my Land Rover.  Finally, I stepped out as the snow fell.  He proceeded to ask me what I was doing.  Me, I thought?  How about what are you doing, sir?  I live here, I informed the bloke.  He said he saw me taking pictures of his house & wondered if I was casing the joint. HA! Me?!  Casing him? I assured him I was not- that I was a photographer, simply taking pictures of 'his' street that was so beautifully blessed by nature. 

I returned home with a bushel full of photographs & a quieted spirit.  These are the results of that day: