Elsa Joy

Welcome to the world our sweet girl!!!! 
You were due March 23rd, mama had a C-section scheduled for March 18th + you made a very unexpected (yet so welcomed) appearance on February 22nd, 2014.  You were 4 weeks + 1 day early. To say I was surprised when my water broke early that Saturday morning would be putting it mildly.  On paper, we were not ready for you, but in our hearts we couldn't have been more excited to meet you.  As the medical team rushed about to get you out via an emergency C-section your father leaned over to ask me if I could feel all the joy in the room.  I could.  And so my beautiful Elsa, that is how you got your middle name, by bringing immeasurable joy to us that cold, winter, February morning.
We love you so much + look forward to everyday spent with you. 

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  1. Miss Elsa, you have changed our lives forever and we are forever grateful--can't wait for the adventures to come! [your mom is an amazing photographer, btw]