April.  It is a new month, a month whose name in Latin means ‘to open.’  Spring.  It is a season of rebirth, renewal, restoration, growth.  The winter is past, the rains have come and gone, it is a time for singing.  I too am in a season where I must attempt to bloom.  In the cold, bleak months of the winter we trudge along, slowly, to the beat of some far off melody.  Many days we must put our ears to the frozen ground and listen ever so carefully.  Sometimes, all that gets us through is the knowledge that in the future, eventually, a new season has to, and will, emerge.  All that deadness from the season of hibernation now needs to be shed.  We have been resting.  I can see, now begins the process of leaving the old behind and donning a better me.  A consistent theme has shown up today, to stay close to the Spirit’s leading and not let circumstance cloud my vision of the one who saves.  I cry out to be pruned, molded into an image more like my creator and less like me.  How long does this renewing take, I wonder, again and again?  When will this heart fully thaw from the many layers of my winters?  I do not know when this will happen or the length of time I have to wait to see growth, but I do know just like the seasons are faithful, so too is the one who makes all things new.  If I delight in and seek my savior, this desire to be opened up, be refreshed, become better and reflect true inner beauty, has to happen.  
I went for a walk today with nowhere in particular as my destination.  It was the meandering and the freedom to explore that intrigued me, always intrigues me.  So much of life is a walk where the point is to explore, to meander, to be open and to get born again.
Cory Chisel, Born Again:

And also a chance to wander and to come upon a season where everything is suddenly alive and fully in bloom. 

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