As Autumn Approaches

 As Spring turned into summer and summer will soon turn to autumn, my heart is aglow at the thought of my own wedding, which is this October the 8th.  The magnolia blossoms welcomed me to the sunny days and blue skies that quickly turned hot and muggy.  I am going to welcome the fall temperatures and breezy days with open arms and an open heart. 

 I have finished making the sweet wedding invites.
A bird theme was used, along with some of my favorite colors; goldenrod, turquoise and blue.
They turned out great, but wow were they time consuming.  Pictures of the finished product, coming soon.  The latest creation is mini-canvas collages, with fun poppy colors and cityscapes for my bridal party.  They are so fun to make and are such a personal touch for my amazing girls. 

Now, I must go research and then again soon, create. Happy Saturday!

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