A Cheery New Year

It is always joyous to turn over a new leaf & get a chance to be starting something all over again, a smidgen wiser.  Here we find ourselves embarking quietly into a brand new year, still very much untarnished & white.  So dear friends, while we gaze out this collective window at our recent fallen snow, as it gleams in the sun quite untouched, let us also turn our hearts to receive the grace freshness brings each January one. 

Let our resolution be this; to live each day with this same newness, forgiving oft & treading lightly on each heart we might meet along this two thousand & twelve's path.  Happiest New Year.  xoxo

1 comment:

  1. beautiful, beautiful photos, heather.
    and, amen to that.....
    a fresh year, every day anew
    by His grace!