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I have a few things to share with you today, dear readers & I will start with this inspiring video my friend Colie sent me.  She said it reminded her of me.  That is too kind.  Honestly, I wish I could say I was more like Sara in this video.  WOW. What an inspiration she is!  Lately, I have been seeing & feeling a huge disconnect between what the Bible says & what religious people do to live out their faith (myself included).  I have been feeling convicted about not fully living out the words I so deeply believe.  I am challenged as of late to wonder, who am I "Jesus" to?  Could I be doing more?  Who are my orphans & widows?  Am I sacrificing myself?  It may be the last 2 classes I took for my graduate program, Social Action & Art Therapy & Child Art Therapy with Refugee Children that have sparked this flame.  It may be this inspiring church I was a part of this past summer, a church committed to actively living out their faith.  Or the many conversations I have with my husband where we question community in America & its huge disconnect between those who have and those who have very little.  Whatever it is that's happening in my heart, I like it.  I hope the spark turns into a raging flame.  And I hope this video inspires you as well.

Sara's Story from Trinity Grace Church on Vimeo.

I am also about to graduate with a degree in Art Therapy.  This is exciting.  Very exciting. I hope my degree becomes a bridge to help me be an advocate for social action/social justice & transformation.  Here is an invitation to our show in Milwaukee & also an image of the exhibitors artwork (I am the letter "S").  I will be exhibiting an installation depicting what I learned as a result of researching sacred space/sanctuary & its relationship to a therapeutic milieu. 


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