Welcome, March

A cheery March good morning to you, my friends.  Ironically, towards the end of February, Kansas had just gotten the first real snowfall.  I traipsed around my front porch and backyard barefoot to document this rare event.  Being from Wisconsin, & a lover of winter, I have had a slightly somber winter here in this milder Midwestern land.  It has been a winter where I often found myself longing for landscapes covered in blankets of white, for frigid, gusty winds dancing across my face & for crackling warm fires that warm hearts.  Instead my husband & I got mild temperatures, rain & a brown world that surrounded us.  So, I hung up strings of handmade snowflakes, baked lots of soups from scratch & brought every bit of a Wisconsin winter that was physically possible into our Kansas bungalow.  It was a charming winter.  A perk I recently discovered however is that it is already spring here, even possibly almost summer.  The magnolia trees are blossoming already, a chorus of birds sing me awake each morning & this entire week is going to be blessed with temperatures in the 70's.  With suffering comes joy!

On another note, I stumbled across this hilarious guy on Gardenfork, a website & television (YouTube)/radio broadcast that covers everything from making fresh breads, cheeses & eggnog to making your garden grow better.  Eric is a quirky, entertaining guy who will be sure to make your mouth drop at least once during the home videos broadcast on YouTube, complete with the perfect combination of Labradors, humor & strangeness.  Here is a video to hook you!  I hope this day finds you very well.  Be in awe of something today.


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