DIY Rolling Wood Stump End Table

A long time ago my husband and I spotted a large stump-round on someone's curb.  I begged Josh to haul this 70 pound beast into our trunk and he did because he is awesome.  We got busy removing the outer layers of bark with a crow bar.  When the bark was gone we sanded the stump until it was very smooth.  Then my dad and FIL dropped by and requested a project to do for us so we had them add casters to the bottom.  I recommend using 4 of the locking casters- they will add balance and stability to the table in case there are children around who could knock it over onto themselves.  Then it turned bitter cold in Wisconsin and we left the beast on our porch to dry out/winterize.  And then I had baby Elsa and forgot about said stump.  Fast forward to a gorgeous fall day (yesterday) when both kids napped for a very long time (4 hours).  I was finally able to paint and finish the stump.  Hooray!! I used painters tape to block off triangles of different widths.  I just eyeballed it and didn't measure, but if you're a perfectionist, by all means measure.  I used some fun paint colors to jazz up our front porch and then I sealed the table with some spray varnish.  I am so happy to have this project done in time for my favorite time of the year when front porch sitting is at its finest! Happy DIY-ing, friends!

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