Paper Bag Owl Craft Project for Children

This is a pretty self-explanatory activity to do with your littles.  It turned out really cute and was easy enough that Eugene, who is 22 months old, was able to help.  I started by tearing two holes where the eyes would go and tearing the wings out from some scrap paper.  Eugene and I used a glue stick to attach the wings.  I let him go crazy with the pink paint (acrylic...gasp! It's not washable but we were careful, sort of).  I let Eugene scribble all over the owl and I added the details using a black Sharpie.  Any number of materials can be used, including kid-friendly ones.  You could get über creative and add sparkle, sequins, feathers etc...

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  1. Love it! That's where the pink paint on his fingernails came from! #bestmomever